Our mission is to stay at the forefront of science by publishing high impact research, performed with scientific integrity, while fostering creativity, innovation and independence through mentorship among lab members in an open, collaborative, and congenial research environment that supports passion and respect for individuality.

Specific Vision

Our vision is to understand the cellular and molecular regulation of epithelial tissue development and regeneration. We focus on both the intrinsic transcriptional as well as the extrinsic signaling mechanisms that control these processes.

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The Horsley laboratory team values our roles in the education and training of future leaders using science as a tool for learning critical thinking and problem solving skills

Horsley team members are a family

The success of the Horsley laboratory depends on effective support by Dr. Horsley, motivation and a diligent work ethic of individual lab members and a functional lab environment. We value our time in and out of the laboratory to make sure that we take care of our professional and personal responsibilities and our physical and mental health. Thus, the interests of all lab members are intertwined. Therefore, we carry out good scientific method and conduct ourselves in a respectful, supportive, and ethical way at all times.

Horsley team members value mentorship

A major goal of the Horsley laboratory is to train future leaders, helping them develop as scientists, and earn independent positions of their own. Dr. Horsley contributes to the professional development of individual lab members in a number of ways including weekly meetings, annual progress reports, and aiding in goal setting. Lab members also mentor each other and provide essential support for the laboratory to function in an efficient and organized manner.